What is the Sacramento County CalAIM Roundtable?

Aetna Better Health, Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net*, Kaiser Permanente, Molina Healthcare and Sacramento County are working together to implement a robust stakeholder engagement process focused on two important programs being implemented under CalAIM: Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and Community Supports (CS).

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About the Sacramento County CalAIM Roundtable

The Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans (MCPs) in Sacramento County – Aetna Better Health, Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, Molina Healthcare in partnership with Sacramento County – have come together to implement a robust stakeholder engagement process focused on Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and Communication and alignment with existing programs in the county. Transform Health, a woman and minority owned consulting firm, facilitates these engagement efforts.

The CalAIM Roundtables provide a stakeholder forum to identify ECM and CS needs and gaps within the community. These stakeholder efforts will also be leveraged to inform new funding opportunities under the CalAIM Incentive Payment Program (IPP).

The CalAIM Roundtable is an important forum for MCPs and stakeholders in Sacramento County to come together to understand the needs of providers and communities to provide local investments that support the goals and spirit of CalAIM. There will be multiple opportunities for collaboration as well as for providers to apply for funding to support ECM and CS capacity and infrastructure building.

What can participants expect?

The Sacramento County CalAIM Roundtable will convene on a regular basis to hear how CalAIM implementation is going, share best practices, collect feedback from stakeholders impacted by CalAIM changes, and to determine how IPP and Providing Access and Transforming Health (PATH) funding can support implementation. For more information on PATH initiatives, including funding opportunities available to ECM and CS providers, check out their website.

As part of the Sacramento County CalAIM Roundtable, we will also facilitate topic-specific discussions on priority areas that are most critical to achieving CalAIM objectives and allow a smaller group of organizations to engage in discussions and develop recommendations for funding. These advisory groups will report back regularly at the larger CalAIM Roundtable meetings.

In the future, we will issue a newsletter with important program updates.

Who joins?

Providers and other stakeholders may participate in CalAIM Roundtable meetings. Attendees provide feedback on IPP community investments and may also apply for IPP funding. CalAIM Roundtable stakeholders include, but are not limited to, the following organizational types:

  • County social services agency
  • County behavioral health care systems
  • County and local public health care jurisdictions 
  • Community-based organizations 
  • Correctional facilities and partners  
  • Housing continuum providers
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)
  • Medi-Cal primary care providers
  • Public health care systems/hospitals  
  • Tribes and tribal health care providers
  • ECM and CS providers

Needs Assessment and Gap Filling Plans

In December 2021, all Managed Care Plans were required to submit Needs Assessment and Gap Filling Plans in every County they serve in order to participate in the CalAIM Incentive Payment Program (IPP). All Needs Assessment and Gap Filling Plans can be found on the DHCS website here. The Needs Assessment and Gap Filling Plans are linked below for your reference.

Aetna Better Health

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Anthem Blue Cross

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Health Net

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Kaiser Permanente

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Molina Healthcare

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Sacramento County CalAIM Roundtable Calendar

October 19, 2022

11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Sacramento County CalAIM Roundtable

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